Real Estate, Builders

Video and stills shown from a new view to bring out some of the best features of your property.

Land Brokerages

Aerial surveys of your proprety to help in the land utilization process.

Action Sports

Catch the action unhindered from the sky.


Aid your clients in locating those special features you have to offer.


Study traffic flow and bottle necks, you can spot problem areas before its a problem.


Cover special events such as Grand Openings and ground breaking cermonies from the air.

Retirement Homes

Get that over all view showing your entire campus.

Crop Management

See your entire field at once, pinpointing problems before it's to late.

Water Management

Find those areas with poor draniage fast and easy.


Fly over large areas to view scores of acres without having to clear a path and walk through dense woods.


Make sure you don't miss anything before it's to late.

Scenic Tours

Conduct aerial tours over your facility to showcase your venue.

We hold FAA Part 107 license commercial sUAS system pilot license.
SECTION 1. This Act shall be known as the Texas Privacy Act. SECTION 2. Subtitle B, Title 4, Government Code, is amended by adding Chapter 423 to read as follows: CHAPTER 423. USE OF UNMANNED AIRCRAFT Sec. 423.001. DEFINITION. In this chapter, "image" means any capturing of sound waves, thermal, infrared, ultraviolet, visible light, or other electromagnetic waves, odor, or other conditions existing on or about real property in this state or an individual located on that property.
Civil Consequences of Improper Drone Use in Texas Owners and tenants of private property can file lawsuits to recover civil penalties and attorney's fees from individuals who illegally use drones to make recordings. They can also file an action to stop an existing violation or prevent an imminent violation. Civil penalties of $5,000 for all materials from a single recording episode, and $10,000 for disclosure, display, distribution or other of all materials from a single recording episode apply. Additionally, if it is shown that the recording were disclosed, displayed or distributed with malice, the owner or tenant may recover actual damages.
We are enrolled in the program
We use the latest commercial grade sUAS systems from proven suppliers such as DJI an YUNEEC
Liability Insurance Certificate posted with Lockton Affinity, LLC. Policy # PGZ-GL-20006382-00 11/09/2016 to 11/09/2017
This Protects Us, Our Clients, Their Property And Personnel...
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